Ice Mold bucket

Ice Mold bucket

Ice Mold bucket

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Tired of struggling to find space in your refrigerator for your ice trays?

Say goodbye to the cluttered mess and hello to the Space-Saving Mini Ice Cube Mold Bucket! With the ability to hold up to 60 ice cubes, this bucket is the perfect solution to your ice-making needs, taking up minimal space while maximizing convenience.

Introducing the Space-Saving Mini Ice Cube Mold Bucket, the innovative solution to your ice-making woes!

Made with high-quality food-grade silicone and ABS material, this compact ice bucket is the ultimate space saver in your refrigerator. The bucket comes with a lid to prevent odors and freezer burn, ensuring the ice cubes stay fresh and ready to use.

Space-Saving Design.

The mini ice cube mold bucket is designed to fit perfectly in any refrigerator.

It takes up minimal space and can easily fit on a shelf or in a side compartment. No more struggling to find space for your bulky ice trays or settling for ice that isn't perfectly shaped.

 Large Capacity

The bucket can hold up to 60 ice cubes, allowing you to make enough ice for your entire family or a large gathering.

Easy Release Technology.

The silicone construction of the bucket allows for easy release of the ice cubes, preventing any mess or hassle. Its non-stick surface ensures the ice cubes are perfectly shaped and ready to use every time.

Upgrade your ice-making experience with the Space-Saving Mini Ice Cube Mold Bucket. Its efficient design, large capacity, and easy release technology make it a must-have tool in every kitchen. Save space and enjoy perfectly shaped ice cubes with ease. Get yours today!

Why customers love it:  

  • Convenient, space-saving design.
  • Easy-to-use functionality.
  • Quick freezing capabilities.
  • Versatility for various freezing needs.
  • Lid for maintaining freshness.
  • BPA-free and food-grade materials.
  • Effortless ice cube release.
  • Portable and lightweight nature.
  • Easy cleaning process.
  • Cost-effectiveness with its large ice cube capacity.


Upgrade your ice-making experience today with the Space-Saving Mini Ice Cube Mold Bucket and enjoy convenient, perfectly shaped ice cubes with ease! Get yours today on our biggest sale ever! 


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